Final Week of Perthshire Through A Prism

This is the final week to see Perthshire Through A Prism… this has been a lovely project to work on, finding the differences and commonalities of our take on Perthshire; myself, painter, Susan Hutchison and jeweller, Roberta Pederzoli (Quinta Essenza).

“Starting from the same source of inspiration, the beautiful Perthshire Landscape and its inhabitants, all three artists offer their own interpretation of the surroundings where they live, producing distinctive and original final works reflective of their own viewpoint on a common theme. Artists do not live in a vacuum but rather they filter and interpret the context of their surroundings through the lenses of their own culture, experience, education, personal taste and medium. The aim of this exhibition is not to emphasis the similarity but to play with the different viewpoints of the three artists through the prism of their experience and chosen media, whilst not losing sight of the common theme: Nature and culture.”

Roberta Pederzoli

Roberta Pederzoli from Quinta Essenza designs textured and tactile jewellery, recreating a sensation of fairy-tale elegance and enchantment by delicately brushing colours over her work: black, white and gold. Her jewellery is inspired by natural and organic shapes, in particular by lichens, wood and interesting forms she observes during her walks. The Scottish environment is an incredible and wonderful source of creativity; being born and raised in Italy, Roberta creates pieces where Scottish landscape inspiration and Italian style merge together. Every piece is carefully crafted with consideration of texture and colour to create a unique and timeless work.

instagram: @quintaessenzajewellery facebook: @quintaessenzajewellery twitter: @qejjewellery

Susan Hutchison

My artwork is inspired by the natural world and in particular animal life forms.
Based in Perthshire the rural environment has provided me with a diverse range of subjects large and small, wild and domesticated. And whether it’s a prize bull, a fox or a tiny field mouse I strive to capture the essence of each animal and its individual character. My artwork is both representational and quirky and I have developed my own unique style. In recent times my focus has turned to ‘man’s best friend’, and I have enjoyed painting a variety of dog breeds. The compositions that I create strive to reinforce the characteristics of the particular breed and celebrate our much loved canine companions.

instagram: @susan.hutchison132 facebook: @susan.hutchison.965

Ceri White

From her studio in Perth’s Creative Exchange, Ceri White produces a confectionery of contemporary ceramics for the home. She specialises in hand-thrown earthenware vessels and planters, along-side which she has developed a range of delightful interior accessories including collectable tiny house sculptures and miniature vases. Every piece is unique and made using traditional pottery techniques, from the ball of clay thrown on a wheel, through various decorating processes and two kiln firings, to the finished item. Ceri is art school trained with many years of studio experience and continues to be influenced by a 1970’s suburban upbringing, the minutiae of nature, a lifetime habit of doodling and collecting, and a love and understanding of colour and pattern.

instagram: @ceriwhitestudios facebook: @ceriwhitestudiosofficial


Event Details

Date: December 3 – January 22

Perth Creative Exchange
Stormont Street
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